The Movie You Should See This Weekend

Meet Sparky. He’s electric.

Got plans this weekend? Great. Make sure it includes time to see Frankenweenie, the new movie from Disney and Tim Burton. I saw an advance screening earlier this week and loved it. My friend and I laughed throughout and, I’ll admit, I shed a tear or two at an emotional scene.

You can read my review and watch a trailer here. Then go see it.

Besides being a good movie, it’s a gorgeous work of art. I didn’t get to include this in my review, but here’s what it took to make this stop-motion movie: 33 animators, 2 years, and over 200 puppets. Sparky’s character alone had 15 puppets which contained over 300 joints so they could make him move realistically. A “puppet hospital” with 150 artisans repaired puppets as they got beat up during filming. Filming, by the way, involves 24 frames per second of film and repositioning the puppets for every frame. On average, an animator can create a mere 5 seconds of film per week. Astounding.

Seriously, go see it. Sparky wants you to.