Home in Phoenix's Willo DistrictLast night, my fiancé and I were driving around downtown Phoenix, late for a friend’s birthday dinner. We missed the restaurant and ended up circling through one of the historic downtown neighborhoods to find it.

I have long been in love with Phoenix’s historic neighborhoods, while my fiancé loves our Scottsdale neighborhood and has been adamant that our first home would be nearby. Recently, I’ve noticed some chinks in the armor, so I thought I’d take the chance last night to show him how gorgeous the downtown homes can be.

We drove slowly down the residential street, me pointing out what homes I thought were beautiful and him (finally) acknowledging that they were pretty cool.

Me: “I love these homes. Look at the front porches!”

Him: “Yeah. And some of them have nice courtyards on the side.”

Me: “Yeah! They all have… character.”

Him: “Yeah.”

(pause while I replayed the previous 15 seconds and clips from HGTV)

Me: “Did I just say a house has character?”

Him: “Yeah. You officially crossed the line into being an adult.”

Me: “Weird.”

Two minutes later we found the swanky wine bar. Ten of us sat around, drank too many sangrias, and played dirty Would You Rather, courtesy of someone’s iPhone. If this is being an adult, I’m ok with it.


Photo credit: Brandon Hunt